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Reaping what you sow

Dear America –

When you voted in the mid-term elections to put those Republican asshats back in power you thought you were doing the right thing. Well, the chickens are comin’ home to roost y’all. They announced this week a large round of spending cuts, $60 billion dollars worth. What are they cutting you ask?

– scholarships

– family planning

– the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

– AmeriCorps

– the COPS Hiring program

– Food safety, nutrition programs and the FDA

and much, much more.  What they won’t touch is defense spending.  The real elephant in the room.  You want to balance this budget and save your children from ruin?  Cut defense.  Plain and simple.

So if you thought the government was going to help fund your kids underfunded education or little Jimmy would get a scholarship to college, you can think again.  Just remember America.  You did this to yourselves.

An interesting question…

Now that the Congressional Budget Office estimates the tax compromise with cost in the neighborhood of $858 billion over the next 10 years — a sum that makes it even more expensive than last year’s economic stimulus package — will we hear more Republican objections to it?

~ The Note @

I’d say the answer appears to be no, since it was also announced in the news today that Republicans kaboshed the 9/11 First Responders bill.  The measure would have given medical and compensation benefits to the first responders at Ground Zero.  Republicans think with it’s $7.4 billion price tag it’s too expensive.  I say compared to the $858 billion they’re staring down on tax cuts this and the Social Security benefit they also killed are drops in the proverbial bucket!

Raise a glass everyone!

Today is the 77th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.  Woo hoo!  It’s worth celebrating not having to endure 13 dry years of American history.  Drop by your local Speakeasy or shake up a classic cocktail at home.  You can channel your inner hipster with an Old Fashioned, a Singapore Sling or  a Gin Rickey.  Here at Casa de las Ranas we prefer a dirty Grey Goose martini up with 2 olives.  I know, sounds kind of Bondian, right?  Just make sure it’s only slightly dirty.  Cheers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We at Casa de las Ranas have decided to celebrate the occupation of North America today by ingesting a chicken instead of a turkey.  Downsizing you know.  No, it’s not the economy.  It’s just that we’re celebrating on our own and two people can’t reasonably eat a 24 lb. turkey.  Even the chickens at our grocery store this week were pushing 10 lbs.  It’s like they’re on steroids or something.

So anyway, enjoy your largesse this year America.  Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you all will fly.  Home that is.  Travel safely and tell TSA to keep their hands to themselves.