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Blue Shield has lost their damned mind

It was announced this week that Blue Shield of California is planning a 59% rate hike. 59% for health insurance, after Obamacare has passed?!  They must think they’re Anthem Blue Cross who got reamed in 2010 for even suggesting a 39% hike.  I guess insurers think that rate increases are like a game of poker you just keep upping the ante.  To add insult to injury they said in a statement that their decision had:

almost nothing to do with the federal health reform law and that ultimately the law will help slow down health care costs.

Sounds to me like Blue Shield has just gone completely insane.

An interesting question…

Now that the Congressional Budget Office estimates the tax compromise with cost in the neighborhood of $858 billion over the next 10 years — a sum that makes it even more expensive than last year’s economic stimulus package — will we hear more Republican objections to it?

~ The Note @

I’d say the answer appears to be no, since it was also announced in the news today that Republicans kaboshed the 9/11 First Responders bill.  The measure would have given medical and compensation benefits to the first responders at Ground Zero.  Republicans think with it’s $7.4 billion price tag it’s too expensive.  I say compared to the $858 billion they’re staring down on tax cuts this and the Social Security benefit they also killed are drops in the proverbial bucket!

GOP sells out your Grandma for tax breaks

The Republicans, those staunch defenders of the Bush era tax cuts are in a bit of hot water this week.  Seems they’ve voted against a democratic bill to award $250 checks to recipients of Social Security.  They consider it “too expensive”.  HR 5987 was blocked by House and Senate Republicans on Wednesday.  They claim the nation can’t handle the $14 billion tab incurred by giving out these checks.  Even though they know full well that seniors on Social Security haven’t received a cost of living increase since 2009, and none is expected in 2011.  So, let me get this straight.  We can afford for rich people not to pay their taxes, but we can’t afford for old people to give a bit of extra scratch in their stockings this year?  You guys really are a bunch of Grinches!

President caves a lot

So I’ve been trying all day to write a post about how angry I am at President Obama for caving in to the Republicans on tax cuts.  It was so unnecessary.  Dude, you had the high ground on this one!  Besides, now it’s hunting season in D.C. and you’re the prey.  The incoming freshman congress people are going to eat you alive because they know they can.

So, long story short the hubby and I are discussing it and how I should write it when Kvatch issued another zinger.

Obama is a major freakin’ douchenozzle.

~ Kvatch

Hilarious!  All I can say is Mr. President, stop making nice, stop holding everyone’s hand and singing kumbaya and do something.  This economy is going down in flames, it’s time to engage!

No justice

The Frog sent me this article yesterday about a wealthy Coloradan hedge fund manager who hit a bicyclist and is not going to trial because the DA in Eagle, CO feels it would be, “bad for the fund manager’s business”. In essence what he is saying is that this guy is too rich to prosecute or as one clever commenter put it, “too big to jail”.  I’m astonished.  I mean if the DA was not going to prosecute the case why wouldn’t he plead lack of evidence?  That at least would make sense.  What this guy did was hit and run.  Flat out illegal.  Don’t think the prosecutor gets a dodge just because he feels it would reflect badly on this jerk’s reputation! Personally, the DA’s unwillingness to prosecute and lame excuses lead me to believe that he’s invested in this guy’s fund.  I mean let’s face it, if a janitor had done this they’d have him in cuffs already.

Perry scary

Rick Perry (a.k.a. Mr. Pointy), the newly re-elected governor of the great state of Texas has floated the idea that states should be able to “opt out” of Social Security.  Yeah, this is the same tool who turned down government funds for unemployment benefits.  I don’t know how economics work in the lone star state Mr. Perry, but I have to say if this means a bunch of seniors in Texas going without their monthly checks, you’d better watch your back.  They’re going to form mobs, hunt you down, and burn all that hair off your smug little head.

If Americans are really this stupid…

we’re all doomed.  Headlines hit today that Americans favor the GOP over the Democrats on the economy.

Americans say that Republicans in Congress would do a better job dealing with the economy

Are you kidding me?!  The greatest debts of modern times were created by Republicans.  Tax cuts for the wealthy were created by the Republicans.  Democrats did things like extend unemployment benefits, COBRA and offered home buyer tax credits to keep the housing market afloat and people in their homes.  Think about it America, are Democrats really not doing enough for you?  Vote in a Republican Congress and all you’re going to get is gridlock.  Then we are well and truly doomed.