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If you thought Julian Assange was unbearable before…just wait

It was announced today that Wikileaks has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Yup, Norweigian lawmaker Snorre Valen nominated them for the award.  It’s important to note that Valen didn’t nominate Assange personally.  And I appreciate that because let’s face it, Assange can be, well, kind of a dick.  I’ve watched his interviews and followed his progress.  He likes sticking it to people.  And if I’m honest, I like watching him do it.  I believe that he did us a great service.  He showed us our government in it’s meanest form.  Duplicitous, obnoxious and arrogant.  I never blamed him for publishing the things he did because let’s face it, if our government wasn’t doing nefarious things they’d have nothing to hide.  Transparency is what keeps them honest and the gross lack of it over the past 10 years has been a crime.  So I guess I’m saying, I hope they win.

Dear Middle Class ~

This morning the Obama Administration is celebrating.  They’ve passed and extension of the Bush tax cuts.  So this holiday season you, the middle class,  will be able to ‘keep more of the money in your paychecks, and help the economic recovery to continue chugging along’.  Yes, once again middle class it falls to you to spend your hard earned dollars to keep corporate American in the black.  Can you do that?  Because God knows the wealthy don’t spend any of their tax break money.  They save it.  So really it’s up to you to rescue the sinking ship that is the American economy.  Better get back to work.

The witch hunt starts at Walmart

No I’m not talking about reporting on the guy who jumped the line on Black Friday.  I’m talking about the announcement this week that Walmart would join with DHS to launch the “See something, say something” campaign aimed at stopping terror in your local discount store.  Apparently terrorists have moved on from airports into your local shopping mega-plex.  I guess the enemies of America also need $1 ketchup, cheap DVDs and socks.  That or they’re trying to score that illusory iPad deal we all keep hearing about.

Laundry day

Get ready for it folks because dirty laundry is about to come your way again courtesy of Julian Assange and Wikleaks.  The target this time is the U.S. State Department and Wikileaks is getting ready to dump a boatload of diplomatic communiques that have the entire world in an uproar.  U.S. officials are all over the media saying how this is detrimental to doing business in a “civilized” manner.  Well I haven’t seen the documents, but I’m guessing if they’re this worried they were doing some pretty uncivilized stuff.  What I can’t understand is that people in this day and age think that they can do all of this “secret” dirty business and keep it hidden.  It’s the internet age people, it’s going to come out.  Politicians are smart enough to air out their closets at the beginning of their campaigns.  Why didn’t the Obama Administration empty out the Bush closets when they came into the White House?  It would have saved a lot of time and garnered them a lot of credibility.  As it is now they just look complicit.

North Korea has nuclear capability…

seriously at this point is anyone surprised?  We’ve been bribing them for years to try and shut down their development of nuclear weapons and to no avail.  The world learned this week that Pyongyang has gone right on developing a uranium enrichment facility despite all assurances to the contrary.  And now the world wants the U.S. to do something about it.  Like what?!  It’s not like we’re going to invade North Korea.  Done that, been there, got the t-shirt.  I think we should really step back and let China take this one.  They’re an emerging global power.  They certainly have more pull with the North Koreans than we do.  And they have the military might to strike fear into the hearts of their neighbors.

Perry scary

Rick Perry (a.k.a. Mr. Pointy), the newly re-elected governor of the great state of Texas has floated the idea that states should be able to “opt out” of Social Security.  Yeah, this is the same tool who turned down government funds for unemployment benefits.  I don’t know how economics work in the lone star state Mr. Perry, but I have to say if this means a bunch of seniors in Texas going without their monthly checks, you’d better watch your back.  They’re going to form mobs, hunt you down, and burn all that hair off your smug little head.

OMG, who thought this was a good idea?!

I read online this morning that Chile has brought in the survivors of the Andean plane crash to give their trapped miners hope.  Sound odd?  Well it is.  You see these are the Uruguayan rugby team players featured in the book and film, Alive.  You know, the guys who ate human flesh.  Ewwww.  Now I’m not saying they killed anyone because they didn’t, they merely survived by eating already dead friends, but oh man.  Is this really the message you want to send to a bunch of men trapped in a small space for potentially months on end?  I’d be completely freaked out if this was the image I was sent from the surface.