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Democrats in Republican Drag

In last Tuesday’s Democratic Groupthink post, I was taken to task for not including examples of ‘Obama-bashing’ equal to the Clinton bashing that I quoted in the comments. I intend to correct that, except that…well…I’m having a hard time finding a single Clinton-supporting blog on my roll. Fine. To The Confluence we go, an Obama bashing blog pointed out to me by the Zen Yenta.

But even here, I’ve read 5 posts and upwards of 200 comments and can’t find anything that approaches the level of vicious rhetoric being hurled at Senator Clinton by some of my blogging neighbors. Tell you what I do see though. The Confluence is really dishing it out to the Obama supporters: Obamabots, Obamatards, zObamabies. They’re threatening the ‘nuclear option’ of “nominate my candidate or I’ll vote for McCain.” Still doesn’t quite approach the level of, “This bitch is cut-throat and insane…”, “The Borg Queen is a racist cow,” and “Hillary Clinton is a f*cking retard.” So I guess I’ll have to take it for granted and assume that there are blogs in my circle that are bashing Obama with equal zeal and high-minded language.

Taken together though, you know what we’re all starting to sound like? A bunch of f*cking Republicans!!! We’ve become that which we despise, the same low-life, anti-intellectual, intransigent children that spent years kicking the crap out of liberals all over this nation.

Hey…Clinton supporters?! Your bullsh*t, “…we’re gonna take all our marbles and go home,” attitude makes you sound about as mature as the Chimperor. For God’s sake, McCain is promising you 5 more years of war and another 3/4 quarters of a trillion dollars in debt. If you won’t vote your own interests, then at least vote your children’s. And remember, a vote for McCain is really a vote for his Vice President, and that could be Huckabee. Just chew on that for a minute.

And you…Obama supporters?! Do you really think your gonna convince the other side to make common cause with you when you treat their candidate with the kind of contempt you used to reserve for Bill O’Reilly? And all that haughty, “We’ve won, it’s time for the Clintonistas to just suck it up and get on board,” crap? Smacks of the same sense of entitlement that you’ve decried in Senator Clinton for a year now.

We’ve got a pretty easy choice in November, the Democratic nominee or Bush III. McCain won’t give back one iota of executive power. He won’t stem the rush to complete executive secrecy, and he won’t quit giving freebies to the corporatists, because, without those tools, he won’t be able to continue the war.

So my Democratic brethren, quit sniping at each other and pull the f*cking head.

My 12 step program

Hi, my name’s Frogette and I’m a lurker. For years I’ve been hovering in the background on great blogs like Blognonymous (hi Honey!), Morning Martini, Mr. Blog, and Genius of Insanity. I hung out at the back of the room like a wall flower at a high school dance. I wasn’t sure how to approach all of you cool kid bloggers. So I waited. “My moment will come”, I thought. One day I’ll have something important to say.

Well that never happened, but I did find I have a lot of unimportant things to say. So stay tuned because I’ve done my 12 steps and I’m ready to join the party!

A Return To Blogging?

As Saint Alan would have said, “There is no need for irrational exuberance.” Though…this probably is a sign of Kvatch’s return to blogging.

Will it be snarky? Yes! Will it be cool? Yes. Will it be soon? Yes. But remember, this is just a test post. So stay tuned and thanks for your patience while I work on this whole WordPress thingy.