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Delta Airlines Is Staffed By Morons

Received recently at Kvatch’s Pad:

This is confirmation that you recently changed your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to XXXX.
If you did not change your PIN, please contact your nearest Delta Representative.

You are responsible for your PIN and maintaining the confidentiality of your PIN. Delta shall have no liability for any losses resulting from unauthorized access to, or use of, your pin.

Seems that, after placing the sole legal responsibility on the customer, Delta is too stupid (perhaps too lazy?) to implement even the most obvious of industry ‘best practices’ with regard to sending passwords through the mail.

I took the step of contacting Delta and their explanation was simply, “Well, it’s illegal to open someone else’s mail.” Not like mail doesn’t get stolen every god-damned day in this country. Hell even the postal employees are stealing it…and selling it to identity thieves.

Govs gone wild?

The bailout frenzy has finally become just plain ridiculous. It came out on that Larry Flynt the Hustler magnet and Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame have asked for a “Porn Bailout”. That’s right. Apparently there has been a ‘downturn’ in viewers of elicit online material. Personally I blame the internet. I mean why pay for the cow when you get the milk for free? Or as we girls like to say, why buy the whole pig when all you want is a little sausage?

Beware The Holiday E-tailer

When I’m not doing my online shopping at Amazon, I’ve often used Though they don’t quite have Amazon’s selection, has often been more reliable for getting items, especially electronics, quickly. No more apparently:

Title to goods and all risk of loss passes to you upon delivery to the common carrier. Terms and Conditions, Section 8. Order Acceptance Policy

Did that hard drive you just ordered disappear after leaving’s warehouse? Well tough! claims that, once a package is delivered to the shipper, they are no longer responsible for it. Moreover (per The Consumerist), they supposedly empower their shippers to leave packages at your address without delivering the package to a person, obtaining proof of delivery (i.e., a deliver signature), and without assessing the security of the delivery location. Now, I don’t know how things are where you live, but if you drop a package at my front gate, it’ll disappear within minutes.

Seems to me, considering how dismal this holiday shopping season is shaping up to be, e-tailers like would be working hard to kiss their customers asses, not working hard to cover their own.