Bush Not Unpopular – Voted Employee of the Month

President Bush has been honored as the U.S. government’s Federal Employee of the Month for July, the General Services Administration announced today.

The White House is calling the award a repudiation of recent survey data giving Bush an approval rating of 28% — the lowest ever recorded for any U.S. president.

“The president’s win on Employee of the Month shows how popular he is among his peers, it shows you can’t trust the polls,” said White House press secretary Dana Perino.

“What’s important is that he’s doing a heck of a job, going about the business of running the government,” Perino said.

And a heck of a job he has been doing. In the first six months of 2008, Bush has been a veritable whirlwind of activity. He has filled in for an executive assistant in the Department of Housing and Urban Development who started her maternity leave, replaced burned out fluorescent tubes at the Pentagon, and job-shadowed a tour guide at the National Air & Space Museum.

Perhaps his most critical contribution was a three-week stint helping out with the Government Printing Office’s stockroom inventory.

“He was really detail-oriented,” said Ken Frandle, the stockroom manager.

“Thanks to George, we didn’t run out of OMB Form 424A. He really deserves this award,” Frandle said.

For winning Employee of the Month, Bush will receive a $50 gift certificate to The Olive Garden, a $25 U.S. Savings Bond, a profile in the federal employee newsletter, and use of the Employee of the Month parking space at the Executive Office Building.