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The weirdest side effect of a bad economy

If you read the news these days you know that things in the US are bad. Crime is up, jobs are being lost at a distressing rate, and murder/suicides are becoming a daily occurrence. The spiraling economy seems to be bringing out the worst in some people. To whit ~ men suddenly want to reclaim body parts from their exes. Yes, you read that right. There was a big story a few weeks about a New York man who was suing his ex wife to get back a kidney he donated to her. By his estimate the organ was worth $1.5 million. That, and a bucket-load of free publicity. I thought at the time that it was an isolated incident. Then I found this article about a man who tried to cut the implants from his girlfriend’s body after she broke up with him in 2006. This is the ugly side of the “ownership society”. “I bought those implants, and they’re mine. I’m going to take them back!” I understand wanting ‘your things’ back after a break up, but hey stick to DVDs. These are body parts, you can’t just have them removed because she doesn’t love you any more. We as women used to worry about giving the engagement ring back after a break up. This is a whole new level of retribution.

Inaugural observations – “No more cracker white guys”

As I watched the inauguration I noticed the networks cutting away again and again to show all of the 43 presidents who have preceded Barack Obama. Crusty old white guys. All of them. Sure as he was sworn in Obama was surrounded by fat, florid, white men, but to me that just made him stand out more. One of these things is not like the others, and I couldn’t be more proud. Finally a president who represents the real America. He’s the immigrant dream, the melting pot. I’m glad to finally see a little diversity. As Catherine would say, “Change is good”.

Inaugural observations – Bliss

You’ve got to love a man who loves his wife. You want to talk “Family Values” America, this is it. Barack and Michelle Obama strike me as a couple deeply in love. I mean, look at the joy on that man’s face! The Clintons didn’t have it, the Bushes didn’t have it. I haven’t seen this much love since Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter occupied the White House.

Inaugural Observations – No Longer Invisible

Yes, the inaugural address had more references to ‘God’ than the Old Testament has ‘begats’, but buried within all that holiness was this:

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus — and non-believers.

Never mentioned before—may not be mentioned again in my lifetime—but at least for now we have a president that doesn’t consider 1 of every 8 Americans to be immoral, reprehensible, and unworthy of acknowledgment.

Inaugural Observations – Happiness

That’s the look I saw on Obama’s face when he took the oath of office. It’s not many presidents that you can say this about. Most look like you’ve just dropped an anvil on their heads. It’s like the weight of the job they are about to undertake is crushing them. Not Barack Obama though. He looks like he’s excited. Like he relishes the tasks ahead. In fact he looks like a guy who just won the lottery. Crazy I know, but aren’t you delighted that we finally have a president who looks like he actually wants the job?!

Inaugural Observations – Finally… A Coat!

ClintonI’ve lived in our nation’s capital, and you can believe this frog when he tells you that winter in DC is FREAKIN’ COLD!  So one has to wonder… What drives our newly elected presidents to deliver their inaugural addresses sans coat?  Reagan did it.  Clinton did it…twice!  William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural address in history on a bitterly cold, wet March day with…you guessed it…no coat!  He died 30 days later of pneumonia.

But Barack Obama wore his coat.  Good for you President Obama!  Wouldn’t want you dying on us.  You’ve got way too much work ahead of you.