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The end of an era

George Carlin died of heart failure yesterday at age 71. The brilliant, angry, absolutely fearless comedian was the original rager. He was an author, an actor and an amazing stand up comedian. Carlin was the original at calling us on our bullshit. He found a way to make words into weapons, and rarely missed his targets. His wit and fiery delivery will be sorely missed. In his honor, I’d like to ask everyone to use at least one of the seven dirty words you can’t say on t.v. today. George ~ you were an inspiration, and now you are a legend, give ’em hell man!

My shrinking world

With gas prices at an all time high and airlines freaking out over escalating jet fuel costs, I find my world is starting to shrink. I sold my car because I’m lucky enough to live in a city with great transportation. We have buses, trolleys, cable cars, BART and even my feet when time allows. I don’t mind taking a little longer to make my way around the city because, hey, I’m not paying $100 to fill my gas tank.

Today though United announced that it’s cutting flights. 100 of them to be exact. Mostly in their major hubs: Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and L.A. That means fewer flights out of my home base and higher fares. Wow, that really makes me want to travel. With train trips almost as expensive, and long drives unattractive as well, I find that my world is shrinking every day. Soon I’ll be loathe to leave the city at all.

Honorable, But Not Honorable Enough

You gotta wonder…

Parade sponsor Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce turned down an application from the North Olympic chapter of Vets for Peace, claiming the entry’s message contradicts the mandate of the armed forces and advances a political, religious or social issue, according to a rejection notice that the group received Sunday.

If the mandate of the armed forces is not to ‘achieve the peace’, then I sure wish the Bremerton Area CoC would explain exactly what they think that mandate is. In fact, I suspect that most vets are in favor of peace. When you’ve experienced war close up, I’ll bet it gives you tremendous appreciation, respect, and desire for peace.

“I think it’s silly for this to become an issue and for them to hijack an honorable day,” [Armed Forces Festival Chairman, Cris Larsen] said.

Ah…an “honorable day”. One where veterans who believe in peace are not welcome because they’re…not honorable? Not honorable enough? Maybe the Armed Forces Festival chairman and his committee should recuse themselves from participating in the parade. Seems to me we know who’s really honorable in this situation, and who is not.

When words and censors fail

Australia is undergoing a miraculous transformation, from narrow and restrictive to open and inclusive government. It is refreshing, but not without an even more restrictive aftertaste.

Blame our particular brand of democracy, the new government must work with the old conservative Senate until July, then the new Senate is sworn in. As the numbers go, the new Senate will be controlled by a one man party, ‘Family First’.

While the rest of the country is tying to rebuild from the conservative left overs, an ultra conservative has told the government his support depends on their introducing censorship to our robust TV culture. He doesn’t like shows like Big Brother or ones that use that Anglo Saxon language we are generally becoming so used to.

Holy rocking horse shit Batman, I find the lazy overuse of a few words offensive, but only because I’d like to know which particular ‘effing c’ being referred to, or any of the others specifics these two useful words are substituted for.

Well not only that, I happen to have an appreciation of female pudenda and sexual congress, and don’t see how or why the words should be used as lazy insults; and I like to think I reserve the Anglo Saxon for use in context.

Which is why, unlike this highly offended Senator, I simply refuse to watch the shows that upset him so much. Think about this, his main supporter asserts: “I don’t object to nudity, you can’t hear that.” Or “What if the kids need to go to the bathroom at night and hear that language?”

For Christ sake, why is he watching it anyway, if he objects to his kids hearing the language. But more to the point, we have more to achieve than censoring potty mouths. I will really become an activist if this unrepresentative swine attempts to divert the real tasks ahead of my country.