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Who Will Protect Us Now?

Don’t tell anyone, but we’re defenseless. By defenseless I mean we have no capacity to defend ourselves from a military attack, rather than we’re morally indefensible butchers, murderers, etc. Though we are that too, the information in this post is more about the former than the latter.

From AP, via Rising Hegemon:

The U.S. military isn’t ready for a catastrophic attack on the country, and National Guard forces don’t have the equipment or training they need for the job, according to a report.

Even fewer Army National Guard units are combat-ready today than were nearly a year ago when the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves determined that 88 percent of the units were not prepared for the fight, the panel says in a new report released Thursday.


Okay, that’s very annoying. Mr. Bush, You’re telling me that since 9/11/2001 we’ve managed to make our country nakedly vulnerable? Outstanding!

Now, how can the Bush administration and their business partners convert this into an opportunity for a lucrative military contract… Let me think…

Well, luckily, Rachel Maddow stepped in on her radio show and pointed out a key piece of information buried five paragraphs deep in the coverage.

In response, Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, chief of U.S. Northern command, said the Pentagon is putting together a specialized military team that would be designed to respond to such catastrophic events.

Every indication from the rest of the article is that this force will be comprised of a re-organized portion of the National Guard.

Maddow doesn’t buy it. Want to know who she thinks will eventually step in and fill the need?

Old Blackwater keep on rollin’…