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Hutchison Repeats Herself

‘Senator Helmet Hair’, the former cheerleader and news anchor—a senator whose career has been so undistinguished, she has not managed to produce a single major bill in 17 years—Big Oil’s fluffer, whose campaigns float along on a sea of industry money, and a politician who famously stated back in 1993, when term limits were fashionable, that she would serve no more than 12 years in the Senate…now repeats herself.

After an embarrassing loss to Rick Perry in the Republican gubernatorial primary, Hutchison has announced that, rather than retire from the Senate as she had promised, she’ll stay on till 2012. Gee like we couldn’t have seen that coming a mile away.

AIG Bailout Is The GOP Avoiding An Election Debacle

Anybody wondering why AIG got a taxpayer funded bailout while Lehman Brothers was left to twist in the wind, should consider the upcoming election and then stop right there.

The plain fact is that the GOP is desperate to avoid any crisis that might impact John McCain’s chances in November, and letting AIG fail would hit them hard where it hurts, right in their constituents. Lehman Brothers failure (now purchase by Barclays) will impact some investors, put some-odd thousand people out of work, but it won’t sway potential voters.

Conversely…think about what AIG does. They sell insurance, and who desperately needs their insurance claims paid just about now? 8 to 9 million voters living in Houston and on the Texas Gulf Coast—the ones that just got wiped out by hurricane Ike. If AIG goes into receivership, nobody gets any money; the press savages the GOP for heartlessly letting millions loose everything; voters all over America make the connection to how the Bush Administration left the people of New Orleans to face rising water and snakes; Texas maybe swings Democrat; and John McCain loses the election.

Bush and GOP didn’t have to get anybody’s permission to cough up the dough to save AIG. They’ve already borrowed trillions from your children. So…if all it takes to secure the White House for John McCain is a paltry $85B, the kleptocrats will probably consider it money well spent.