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Marcia and Henry Lieberman
are pleased to announce the political marriage of their son

Joseph Isadore Lieberman
John Sidney “Jermaine” McCain III

The bride is divorced from the Democratic Party and has joint custody of a Senate seat he has with Connecticut.

The groom, son of John S. McCain, Jr. and Roberta Wright McCain, is a former member of the 1980s supergroup The Keating 5, delighting millions of fans with his on-stage “brothers” Marlon, Tito, Jackie, and Alan Cranston. McCain and the group enjoyed a string of hit investigations at the state and federal levels before disbanding in 1991. He is now in politics.

The couple will divide their time among the big electoral vote states.

The ceremony will take place at

City Hall
San Francisco, CA
June 16, 2008 at 3 p.m.

A fundraiser will follow. No host bar.


The couple is registered at UBS and AIPAC