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Bush III Says, “Drill Baby Drill!”

In a move that will be remembered for its stunning level of cynical political calculation, the Obama administration has stated that it will restart oil exploration and drilling in the eastern Gulf, in the mid-Atlantic, and off of Alaska.  For those of you who may have forgotten, Bu$hCo did exactly the same thing on the cusp of the 2004 election except back then it was California and the Pacific Northwest that were going to be “re-opened” to oil exploration, ending almost 30 years of California having the final say over drilling off its coasts.

Now, setting aside issues of whether or not the US needs more oil, and focusing solely on the politics of this policy move, consider the states most affected by Bush III’s decision:  Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.  All are states that Obama can probably afford to lose in the next election.  In fact, with the exception of Florida, there’s little chance he’d carry any of them.  So why not tell the citizens of these states to “go f*ck themselves”.  It’s not like you’ll lose any electors over it, right?

Way to go “Third”!  Yes we can…screw the Red States, further f*ck up the environment, retard America’s movement toward a more energy-efficient, more sustainable society, and scratch the Big Oil’s back…all at the same time!

Giveaway To ‘Big Insurance’ Passes House

You can sum up the so-called “health bill” that passed the House last night in one sentence:

Mandatory insurance is NOT universal care!

…no matter what that asswipe Obama or the corporate cronies in the Democratic Party say.

This bill is a f*cking disaster.  It’s an enormous giveaway to Aetna, Cigna, and Wellpoint that will do little to improve the health situation for those 25 – 32 million people who’ll be forced to buy private insurance in public exchanges.  Did you see the part of the bill that details the quality of coverage in these ‘plans of last resort’?  No?  Probably because it’s not there!  Likewise, the ability to exclude based on pre-existing conditions isn’t gone.  It’s just been delayed in order to force more people into the exchanges where insurance companies can offer crap coverage with crippling deductibles at high rates.

About the only good thing in this bill are the industry targets for how much of premiums must be spent on actual care.  But that doesn’t go far toward mitigating the reality of this bill:  The party, that at every stage voiced their support for a ‘public option’, did everything in their power to ensure that no such option ever made it into this bill.

Long story short:  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid screwed us and gave the insurance industry more than it could ever have hoped for from the GOP.

A Graph Is Worth A Thousand Words

Just so we remember whose disastrous policies crippled this nation’s economy.

And keep in mind, this graph does not represent the debt that Bu$hCo saddled us with—even though that was enormous. It represents deficit projections for the 10 years after leaving office given that the Obama administration continues to follow Bu$hCo’s policies.

Thanks to VictorM at Argville and Daily Kos for the head’s up.

Feliz Año Nuevo de Ecuador

Two years ago on this date, I was kvetching about all the regimes that had fallen due to their interactions with the criminals that comprised Bu$hCo.  I was depressed and thinking abstractly about the notion of expatriating.

One year ago on this date I noted in this post that for numerous reasons, most acutely the fact that education as the road to a better life may be the single biggest scam in the US today, the ‘American Dream’ is many decades past its death.  Nonetheless, with Barack Obama’s election and the end of the Bush regime, I was cautiously optimistic that America would soon be on the mend.

Today, after a year of ‘Bush the Third’ we find that, not only are we are committed to many more years of war in the Middle East and Asia, but that money still speaks as loudly in Washington as ever—perhaps even more loudly with the near collapse of the financial system and the wholesale indemnification of Wall Street to the detriment of most Americans.  We find that Obama has neither the nerve to stand up to entrenched corporate interests nor the stomach for any type of real change.  He is, at best, a shill for the same interests that held sway during the Bush Administration.

And on this day… I find myself living abroad and no longer treating the notion of expatriation as an academic exercise.  Happy New Year everyone.  I’m hoping for better for the US in 2010 but frankly have stopped believing that anything is really going to change.

Essay contest to decide Florida Democratic primary

The Democratic National Committee has decided an essay contest will settle the fate of Florida’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

The decision came Monday afternoon, shortly after the head of Florida’s Democratic Party said rank and file support was weak for any of the mail-in ballot, primary and caucus alternatives.

“If it’s all the same to you, Florida would like to pass, and let Michigan go ahead,” chairperson Karen Thurman told DNC head Howard Dean by phone.

“Florida Democrats are uncertain they can decide an election without the involvement of Katherine Harris,” she explained later to reporters. “This is all happening too fast, you know? Maybe we’ll be ready by 2012 or 2016.”

Shortly after speaking with Thurman, Dean emerged from a closed door meeting with advisers to announce Florida’s delegates would be allocated by a winner-take-all essay contest between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Each will write a 1,500 word essay on a topic they will get to choose from a list of a dozen or more.

“We believe this is the fairest for both candidates, as well as giving the Sunshine State the moment in the sun its Republican-controlled legislature was so keen on having,” Dean explained.

The essay questions are being written now by a special DNC panel. So far the categories include:

  • What “not campaigning in Florida” means to me.
  • States shaped like a gun.
  • Achievements of Gloria Estefan in the year 1996.
  • Famous ballot count disruptions.
  • Which is better, an early primary or a late primary.
  • Miami Vice trivia.
  • Mark Foley’s Key West
  • Jeb Bush: father of the year?
  • Ask not what a superdelegate can do for you, but what you will do for a superdelegate.
  • Tenth Amendment rights Florida shouldn’t have.

In other campaign related news, former Rep. Geraldine Ferraro delivered a masterful speech today on politics and race, in which she distanced herself from herself. “I certainly denounce my comments about Sen. Obama’s race and qualifications, but despite that I will continue to stand behind myself,” said Ferraro. She then attempted to tell an anecdote about a little girl who tried to help her mother save up money to donate to the Clinton campaign by claiming a preference for hummus-and-pesto sandwiches.