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Fear Not McCainiacs…

…There’s a Poll Out There for You

A blogger named Brian at The Conservative Edge writes:

According to a story on CBS online, Barak Obama has lost five points nationally in less than one week. In a poll CBS released last Wednesday, before Sarah Palin’s lopsided defeat of Lyin Joe Biden in their debate last Thursday night, Obama was up by 9 points.

In the poll released today, Obama lead McCain by four points. The likely voters number was even better for McCain showing a 48-45 lead for Obama, which was within the margin of error for a dead heat.

See, one poll is all you need to cheer up the die-hards. Sarah Palin bringing back the moldy old kitchen sink lines of attack from the Spring is all it takes. And this poll is in the margin of error too, so it’s not just a six point bump. Oh no, we’re all tied up now.

Hang in there Brian. It’ll all be over soon. And don’t read those other polls, my friend. It’ll just bring you down.