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Notes from the Transition – Minnesota town to hang ’em high

The election of Barack Obama means change is coming. But what kind of change? In this series we check in with individuals and communities across America, and ask them: What has already changed since November 4? What changes are you still looking forward to, and how are you getting ready?

Part 2 in a series


(Stillwater, MN) The excitement in this town northwest of Minneapolis is palpable, with news media from the world over arriving to cover the loyalty hearings that get underway December 15. The hearings are being initiated by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who has become the Republican Party’s leader on loyalty verification issues.
      “Michele Bachmann said we need to expose who’s pro-America and who’s anti-America — and now it’s actually going to happen,” said an excited Cameron Kirk Frandle, who describes himself as a professional Christian.
      “It’s a perfect blend of church, state and spectacle,” Frandle said.
      Stillwater residents say the publicity surrounding the Bachmann Hearings, and the out of town visitors it brings, are good for the local economy. Restaurants are doing a brisk trade, and many hotels have started taking reservations for fall of 2009, when Bachmann promises the first in a series of public hangings.

(Connecticut) Change for Senator Joseph I. Lieberman means settling into his new role as chairman of the Select Committee on Getting Harry Reid Coffee. Reports Lieberman: “There’s not much to do, since Mormons don’t drink coffee. As a result, I have plenty of time for things like adding to my Hummel collection and keeping up with The Young & Restless.”

Zan-Tor -  floating on air.
Zan-Tor - floating on air.
(Algona, WA) Zan-Tor, a malevolent energy cloud-being, was a John McCain supporter. But these days he is describing himself as upbeat. “Amazing thing happen to Zan-Tor,” said Zan-Tor.
      “Zan-Tor feed on fear and hate. But there is less fear and hate since November The Four, so Zan-Tor has been on diet,” he said.
      “Zan-Tor has lost much weight, Zan-Tor feel like new malevolent energy cloud-being.”
      Zan-Tor went on to say that his self-esteem has improved greatly, giving him the confidence to seek a promotion at the Washington Department of Licensing office where he has worked for the last 3 million years, “or maybe it just seem that long to Zan-Tor.”

Burton shows how to put a teensy hole in a condom.
Burton shows how to put a teensy hole in a condom.
(Peyton, CO) Law student Kristi Burton, 21, authored an amendment to the Colorado state constitution that would have defined life as beginning at conception. On November 4 the proposal, Amendment 48, was rejected by 73% of voters.
      Now Burton has a new cause: an amendment that would define life as beginning at 40.
      “I saw what a great time Governor Palin had when she ran with John McCain also, and what a great contribution she made, even though she’s so old,” said Burton.
      “I can only hope I too will have that much youthful energy to run wild, have fun, and demolish the electoral viability of the neoconservative movement when I am in my forties, if I am so blessed to reach such an advanced age.”