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Fall TV – Creation Science Fiction Channel has faith in lineup

While other networks are scaling back with reality programming and even Jay Leno in prime time, one television operation is sticking to its formula. The Creation Science Fiction Channel’s new fall season is replete with moves that show it is keeping to its extremely conservative programming strategy.

It would have been ultra conservative, if not for the efforts of David King, CreSyFy’s less cautious Vice President for Program Development.

“There were some people on the board who wanted to show reruns,” King said. However, he managed to win approval for new prime-time episodes of the network’s scripture-based series, now four nights a week:

Cottage, MD. Cantankerous Dr. Cottage (Stephen Baldwin) has checked into a demonic possession treatment center, but resists exorcism.

Sky Trek. More adventures of Captain Kurt (Stephen Baldwin) and the crew of the dirigible Enterprise in the farthest reaches of the stratosphere. This season it bumps into the glass sphere around the earth that the stars are attached to.

Sex in the Old Testament City. Picking up where last season left off, Lot (Stephen Baldwin) offers his daughters to the Sodomites in order to protect Mr. Big (Kirk Cameron).

LDS: Miami. Willie Aames joins the cast as the new commander of the forensic missionary squad. Stephen Baldwin (LDS: New York) guests in the season opener.

Senator Who. The mysterious legislator (Stephen Baldwin) and his male companions journey through time and space in a closet that is bigger on the inside.

With the schedule set, King plans to go on vacation until the end of the season. “There won’t be any changes, since CreSyFy has a rule against things evolving,” King explained.

Star Trek film “an insult to Iran” – Praetor Ahmadinejad criticizes inaccuracies

Alert: Spoilers!

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called the new Paramount Pictures movie “Star Trek” historically inaccurate and an insult to Iran, and urged moviegoers to stay away from the J.J. Abrams-helmed sci-fi adventure.

It is the first U.S.-Iran motion picture crisis since Ahmadinejad’s negative review of “300” (Warner Bros., 2006). Continue reading Star Trek film “an insult to Iran” – Praetor Ahmadinejad criticizes inaccuracies

“Clinton-Shatner” – Star weighs in to save Hillary from cancellation

Hillary Rodham Clinton has tapped into a grassroots network she hopes is even bigger than frontrunner Barack Obama’s internet-based outreach. Clinton’s new secret weapon? The legion of fans of the Star Trek science fiction franchise — also known as Trekkers.

“We all remember what happened in 1968,” Clinton told a standing room throng of supporters at TrekaMaCon 2008. The sci-fi fan gathering was held Sunday at the El Dorado Motel, Casino and Conference Center in Henderson, Nevada.

“In 1968, tens of thousands of fans organized to write letters to NBC protesting the cancellation of the original Star Trek,” Clinton said.

The fan group, ‘Trekkers,’ is a powerful fan federation that first came into being to gain a final season for that first incarnation of the classic science fiction TV series.

She went on to urge the audience: “Now in 2008 I call on you to set course on a new mission: stop the cancellation of my presidential campaign. Make millions of calls to radio talk shows, write millions of letters to editors, post millions of videos on YouTube!”

She then brought the already boisterous crowd to a boiling point by introducing William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on the series. “I’m not waiting for the convention, I’ve made my choice — Bill Shatner is my running mate,” Clinton said.

In brief remarks, Shatner called the Democratic Party’s delegate rules highly illogical, saying that it is Hillary Clinton who has proven her overwhelming popularity. “Everyone knows Obama can’t win the big star systems. Warp speed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!” Shatner declared.

The fact that Shatner is Canadian should not disqualify him from being a heartbeat away from the Presidency, says Clinton campaign official Terry McAuliffe, pointing out, “Captain Kirk is from Iowa.”

McAuliffe said Clinton’s strategy would be to seat Trekker delegates to the Democratic Convention — which would be renamed “DemoCon.”

The Shatner era of the Clinton campaign appears to be already locking on target. On Sunday a photo of Obama wearing a Space:1999 costume surfaced on the internet. Pro-Clinton Trekkers also dogged Obama’s Memorial Day appearances in New Mexico, making their presence known by wearing prosthetic pointed ears and making the Vulcan split-fingered hand salute.

One Clinton supporter, Derek Frandle, a freshman at Eastern New Mexico University, said the New York senator is ready on day one to handle a 3 a.m. red alert. “Obama is just a cadet, his policies are just Kobayashi Maru exercises,” Frandle said.

Obama responded on the Trek front today, mentioning in a speech the campaign donation he has received from Leonard Nimoy. In an intergenerational appeal, Obama also told Trekker voters to “Make it so!”

He closed by urging “all Americans — live long and prosper.”

Today Hillary Clinton is leading an away team to Puerto Rico, where a primary will be held June 1.