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Tyranny of the Minority Crackers

Last week the Texas Education Board—an organization packed with conservative crackers—approved a slew of textbook changes that will go a long way toward turning your children into morons ignorant of their own nation’s history.  Jefferson is gone in favor of even more Reagan than was already in the books.  Joseph McCarthy gets rehabilitated while the separation of church and state gets excised.  But what should really stick in your craw was the explanation that board chairman, Don McLeroy, gave for turning history texts into reactionary nonsense:

All we are doing is reflecting what has actually happened in the country… Somebody has got to stand up the experts.

Professor Larry Schweikart, an ardent Reagan apologist, went even further commenting on Fox News that textbook authors, “…all tend to come from New York, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia giving them a drastically different viewpoint from the rest of America.”

And herein lies the problem.  Social conservatives consistently and successfully push the fiction that somehow their twisted viewpoint is the majority opinion in America, polls, population, and votes notwithstanding.  As Sarah Palin frequently opines:  The coasts, the Northeast, and the rust-belt, despite their enormous population advantage over the Midwest and South, simply don’t exist.  They’re not part of ‘real America’.

So…if you live in one of those blue areas, the areas that represent about 58% of the US population, best get your children in touch with their inner ‘Reagan-lover’ because as Texas goes so goes the nation.